About us


Our Story

We’re Lex and Josh. We decided to open MACHER after moving back to Josh's hometown of Goleta, CA and leaving behind a city we called home for 15 years. Lex had spent 9 years working in the health insurance industry, and after taking a break during the Covid pandemic to focus on our three kids, decided to make the leap into work that meant more personally and to our family’s lifestyle. With a shared love of design, Josh with a graphic design degree, 15+ years in wedding photography, and a love for all things branding, and Lex’ love of interior design as well as an appreciation for crafted, well-designed objects for all of life’s tasks, we opened MACHER, a small local shop for locals, supporting small batch artisans and makers from all disciplines.   



Our philosophy is simply that less is more. Less disposable, plastic, temporary items and more time-honored crafted objects, built to last. Less impulse purchases and more thoughtful gifts and curated homes. In this age of consumerism and post Covid isolation, we aim to create a space to gather and inspire gatherings through inviting spaces, beautiful table spreads, and deepening relationships.